Playstation 4 VS Xbox One: The Rundown


Monday Sony and Microsoft held conferences at E3 to expand on announcements made earlier in the year for their respective platforms, and it was obvious to anyone watching that the two giants were doing battle for the consumers favor. Below is the rundown on both consoles, and tomorrow I’ll give my take on each system.

Price and Hardware

Playstation 4

Xbox One

Price $399 $499
Availability Holiday 2013 November
Blu-ray Yes Yes
Hard drive 500GB Built-in
Motion control Playstation Move Kinect 2.0
CPU 8-core x86 AMD 8-core x86 AMD
USB 3.0 Yes Yes
Wireless Yes Yes
Gigabit Ethernet Yes Yes
HDMI Yes Yes
Suspend/resume game support Yes Yes
Background downloading Yes Yes
Native gameplay sharing (video) Yes Yes
Real-time gameplay steaming Yes (Ustream) Yes (Twitch)

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